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Research. Development. Digitization Services

The Research. Development. Digitization Services develops the policies designed to set the goals and objectives of the library and the strategies to promote the services provided by the library, collects and centralizes statistical data regarding the “Carol I” Central University Library’s activities ...

Research. Development. Digitization Services2023-11-02T13:12:23+02:00

“I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Section– Library-user relations.

The “I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Section–Library-user relations was created as a result of the merger between the “I.C. Petrescu” National Pedagogical Library and the “Carol I” Central University Library in Bucharest, based on GEO 117 of December 30, 2013.

“I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Section– Library-user relations.2023-11-02T13:10:06+02:00

Preservation and Restoration of Publications Office

The Preservation and Restoration of Publications Office aims to continuously prevent the degradation of documents by modern methods and techniques and to restore, by specific means, the physical condition of old, rare and valuable documents from the collections ...

Preservation and Restoration of Publications Office2023-11-02T13:09:58+02:00

Reference Services

The Reference Services’ mission is to provide personalized answers, based on the collections of documents and the internal and/or external resources of the “Carol I” Central University Library in Bucharest, to meet the requests for information of the users, regardless of their location.

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Collection Preservation Services

The Collection Preservation Services’ main objectives and activities are the following: preventive conservation – ensuring the longest possible existence of all categories of documents, by maintaining and monitoring the optimal microclimate in book and periodical storage facilities, along with the ...

Collection Preservation Services2023-11-02T13:09:49+02:00

Periodical Services

The Periodical Services has as its main responsibility the processing, in a traditional and computerized system, of the further resources, following the flow of library activities: the development of collections, the evidence and organization of collections, the cataloguing, classification and indexing of serial publications.

Periodical Services2023-11-02T13:09:18+02:00

Organization of Collections and Evidence Services

The Organization of Collections and Evidence Services assures the registration and preservation of quantitative and value data - globally and individually - regarding the fund of documents, available at the Headquarters of the "Carol I" Central University Library ...

Organization of Collections and Evidence Services2023-11-02T13:09:24+02:00

Collection Development Services

The Collection Development Services aims at the selective development of the collections of the „Carol I” Central University Library in Bucharest, ensuring the balanced information coverage of the main fields of knowledge with documents of all types, Romanian and foreign alike, with ...

Collection Development Services2023-11-02T13:09:04+02:00

Collection Communication Services

The Collection Communication Services puts at the readers disposal all types of documents from the collections of the “Carol I” Central University Library’s headquarters in Bucharest, within the 10 reading rooms, having a total of 391 seats and 10 individual study rooms ...

Collection Communication Services2023-11-02T13:09:00+02:00

Cataloguing. Indexing Services

The Cataloguing. Indexing Services’ main objective is to compile a unitary bibliographic database, in order to facilitate free access and the international exchange of information and knowledge, by cataloguing, classifying and indexing in computerized ...

Cataloguing. Indexing Services2023-11-02T13:08:56+02:00