• Dr. Carmen-Leocadia Pesantez Pozo – Manager

  • 021.313.16.05/int. 286

  • Str. C. A. Rosetti, nr.2-6, Sector 1, București

The “I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Section–Library-user relations was created as a result of the merger between the “I.C. Petrescu” National Pedagogical Library and the “Carol I” Central University Library in Bucharest, based on GEO 117 of December 30, 2013.

The reading rooms of the “I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Section – Library-user relations provide for consultation in direct access over 6,000 volumes (books, periodicals, audiovisual materials) in the fields: Pedagogy, Psychology, Education and Education Sciences, along with reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, atlases, albums, etc.) and an American book fund. The collections are organized in the two reading rooms – Room 6 “C. Rădulescu-Motru” and Room 7 “Simion Mehedinţi” – which have 40 seats each.

The Loan Centre of the “I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Section – Library-user relations ensures: the direct loan for professors in the pre-university and university education, for researchers from the network of the Ministry of Education and for the PhD students from Bucharest and throughout the country and the national interlibrary loan of publications intended for users of libraries and information and documentation centres from the pre-university education in Bucharest and throughtout the country.

The Loan Center of the “I.C. Petrescu” Pedagogical Section – Library-user Relations provides users with a number of approximately 26,000 volumes of books, mainly in the fields of Psychopedagogy, Education and Educational Sciences, but also in other fields of knowledge.