Digital projects of BCU Carol I

Lib2Life project – The rejuvenation of libraries and cultural heritage through advanced technologies that aim to revitalize the role of key institutions in the educational process; to revalue a cultural heritage overshadowed by the magnetism of new digital action formulas on concrete reality; to reinvent reading practices “In the image and likeness” of the contemporary user.

The Lib2Life project is developed by a consortium of four Central University Libraries, the Polytechnic University and the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, bringing together leading specialists in the fields of restoration of heritage documents, librarianship, paired with the latest IT technologies.

RESTITUTIO is a digital platform of the “Carol I” Central University Library that aggregates digitized collections of manuscripts, old and rare books, press, magazines and other serial publications, current Romanian and foreign books, iconographic resources, cartographic resources and audio-video resources. RESTITUTIO provides to library users with an innovative tool for discovering information, which can be found at the level of the bibliographic description. Furthermore, users can access an advanced search function that allows for multiple search criteria (title, author, subject, publication date) or they can browse the list of authors, topics, and publication data directly, with no search filters.