• Dr. Alina Munteanu – Manager

  • 021.313.16.15/int. 273, 246 

  • Str. C. A. Rosetti, nr.2-6, Sector 1, București 

The Collection Preservation Services’ main objectives and activities are the following: preventive conservation – ensuring the longest possible existence of all categories of documents, by maintaining and monitoring the optimal microclimate in book and periodical storage facilities, along with the Laboratory of Pathology and Book Restoration, the circulation of publications through the administration and management of publications, so that they can be made available to library users in an appropriate physical form and within a short time-frame, managing publications by securing and inventorying them.

The current activities of the department, carried out the 12 storage facilities from the Boema Building of the library and at the 5 storage facilities from the Foundation Building, totaling 23,138 linear meters of shelves and a total fund of approximately 700,000 volumes, are as follows: carrying out the receiving operations for the documents of the Headquarters; organizing collections of publications and storing them; fund management (verification, sorting and selection of publications); organizing the circulation activity by sending the publications from the storage facilities to the reading rooms, the loan center, the exhibitions and the library services; checking the physical condition of the funds, in order to detect damaged publications and establishing treatment priorities (reconditioning the publications at the Book binding Workshop or restoring them at the Laboratory of Pathology and Book Restoration), as well as removing obsolete publications from collections.