• Alice Oprea – Manager

  • 021.313.16.05/ int. 244, 243, 283

  • Str. Boteanu, nr. 1 | Sector 1, București

The Cataloguing. Indexing Services’ main objective is to compile a unitary bibliographic database, in order to facilitate free access and the international exchange of information and knowledge, by cataloguing, classifying and indexing in computerized system all types of monographic resources that have entered the Headquarters and the branch libraries, in compliance with the international norms and standards. At the same time, the department deals with the enrichment, maintenance and update of authority files for descriptors, authors, names of people and communities.

Processing involves making records and managing two databases simultaneously: the bibliographic database and the authorities database. The purpose of managing and expanding these databases is to provide the necessary information to access, deliver, validate and use the library’s collections.