• Dr. Marian Oancea – Manager

  • 021.313.16.05/ int. 251

  • Str. Boteanu, nr. 1 | Sector 1, București

The Research. Development. Digitization Services develops the policies designed to set the goals and objectives of the library and the strategies to promote the services provided by the library, collects and centralizes statistical data regarding the “Carol I” Central University Library’s activities, prepares the statistical reports and submits them to the relevant national institutions, identifies and analyzes the training and professional development needs of the “Carol I” Central University Library’s staff and develops the “Carol I” Central University Library’s Annual Work Plan and Annual Activity Report, as well as the Training and Professional Development Plan.

In terms of digitization, this department ensures the planning for the digitization of documents found in the “Carol I” Central University Library’s collections or in the collections of other institutions with which the library has partnered, prepares and updates digitization guides for documents and objects in the collection of the “Carol I” Central University Library, produces methodological guides and provides specialized assistance in the area of digitization for other information-documentation structures, ensures guidance and quality check for the activities regarding the uniformization and standardization of information in the “Carol I” Central University Library’s bibliographic databases.

The Compartment of Perfecting and Methodological Assistance for Pre-university Education, subordinated to the Research. Development. Digitization Services, elaborates scientific materials (syntheses, guides, bibliographies) and methodological materials for pre-university education.