• Dr. Aurelian Cătălin Popescu – Manager

  • 021.313.16.05/ int. 230, 231

  • Str. Boteanu, nr. 1 | Sector 1, București

The Preservation and Restoration of Publications Office aims to continuously prevent the degradation of documents by modern methods and techniques and to restore, by specific means, the physical condition of old, rare and valuable documents from the collections of the “Carol I” Central University Library “Carol I” in Bucharest, which require the application of preventive or curative treatments.

The Laboratory of Pathology and Restoration is authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs to carry out restoration works for old, rare books, documents, parchments, fulfilling the requirements imposed by the legislation in force.

The Bookbinding Workshop, part of the Preservation and Restoration of Publications Office, aims to restore the binding of documents that have been damaged as a result of heavy use, faulty photocopying or a poor structure.

The Photomultiplier Workshop produces the full range of standardized documents needed in the library.